Manchester United’s Logo

In another article, we have shared the detailed history of the football team Manchester United. However, we haven’t mentioned anything about the logo of the club. So now we have decided to give more light to this topic. Read more to learn about the club’s first logo and how it changed through the years.

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The history of the club in brief

The football team was founded in 1878 in the Newton Heath area by the workers of local railway depots. The first matches of the club were against workers from other local company departments. They managed to join the league in 1888.

In 1902, due to debts, the team had almost faced liquidation. Some local businessmen came on the rescue and saved the team. They changed the club’s name to Manchester United.

The birth of the logo

The Newton Heath L&YR team did not have a logo. After they renamed the club to Manchester United, they also didn’t have a logo. So you would ask how they could distinguish themselves from other clubs. Well, they did use some marks on their T-shirts but only when they played for the final cup.

The first logo of the club got created for its first FA Cup final in 1908-1909. The logo that appeared on the football players’ T-shirts was the Lancashire red rose.

The appearance of the team’s second logo

It was a long time after they had their first logo when Manchester United introduced its second logo. It reminded of the coat of arms of the Manchester United Consulate. They made their new logo, especially for their second FA Cup final. They used the same logo for the FA Cup in 1957.

The third logo followed after a period of decline for the club

Manchester United had some hard years in the period between the two World Wars. They didn’t participate in the finals of the cups, and respectively there was no need to wear T-shirts with their logo. It was 39 years after they reached their first FA Cup final when they had to wear T-shirts with their logo as they happened to reach the final again.

This time the logo of the team was the coat of arms of Manchester. It depicted a ship as Manchester is a very significant port community. Manchester’s coat of arms is in red and yellow colors. So Manchester United used these colors in all their future logos.

The fourth logo did not last for a long time

For their fourth logo, Manchester United invited some artists to show their talent.  They developed the outlines of the logo which were very similar to the ones of the current logo. They used only the ship, and the colors from the old logo. ‘Manchester United’ was written at the top of the logo and ‘Football Team’ at the bottom.

The emergence of the modern logo

The current logo of the team got created in 1998. There was a picture of a devil in the middle of the logo.  It had the word ‘Manchester’ written in the top part and the word ‘United’ – written in the lower part.