Manchester United’s Notable Achievements During Alex Ferguson’s Era

Manchester United has deserved to be the most popular team among football fans all over the world. It has won plenty of trophies and cups. There is no doubt that the most successful period for the club is the management of Sir Alex Ferguson. In this article, you are going to read about the most significant achievements of the club during his era.

1993 – the year during which the Red Devils first won the Premier League in his time

1993 was the year that laid the foundation of a significant number of achievements to follow. The team had won the FA Cup just three years before that moment, which could also be considered a good start for their triumphant years afterward.

After winning against Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester United won their first Premier League in 26 years.  This moment encouraged Alex Ferguson’s positive and ambitious attitude.

A total victory over Arsene Wegner

Arsenal’s coach – Arsene Wegner, appeared to be a great challenge to Alex Ferguson and his team. Wegner happened to be the complete opposite of Ferguson. His way of management was a real threat to Ferguson.

However, Ferguson did not get scared. He made some excellent buys and managed to lead his club to win the Premier League, the FA Cup and also the Champions League. From 1998 to 2004, the two managers passed on the title to each other several times. Wegner’s last significant victory was in 2005.

The unprecedented triumph – winning the Treble in 1999

Everyone considers the Treble one of the most significant achievements of Manchester United. However, this triumph was far beyond easy to obtain. It even seemed impossible at times.

The FA semi-finals in 1999 were very dramatic for the Red Devils. The first one was against Arsenal when there were only ten Manchester United players on the field. Ryan Giggs saved the day by scoring a solo goal in extra time. This goal led the Devils closer to the FA Cup.

The other semi-final was against Juventus. After the first 12 munites, the score was 3- 1 for  Juventus. However, Roy Keane and Dwight Yorke put United back in the game. Andy Cole also contributed to the victory in the 85th minute.

Winning the Champions League was also pretty hard. The Red Devils played against Bayern Munich. The Germans were in the lead for most of the part. However, in the 91-st minute, a miracle happened when Ryan Giggs, Sheringham, and Oliver Kahn worked in collaboration to score a goal. Two minutes later, Sheringham, Beckam, and Solskjaer sealed the victory.

Winning over Jose Mourinho

Under the management of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea appeared to be a real threat to Manchester United, especially in the period 2004-2005.

Mourinho managed more than well Abramovich’s millions to make Chelsea a champion. Fifty years after their last triumph, Chelsea won back-to-back titles in 2005 and 2006.

Luckily, Manchester United’s talents Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo helped the team to win the league title back.

Mourinho quit Chelsea in 2007. Now Ferguson and Mourinho are good friends.