The History of Manchester United

What do you know about one of the most successful football teams – Manchester United? If you are a fan of the club or a rival one, but you still want to know about Manchester United, you will be interested in reading this article. It will give a closer look at the history of the team – from its very creation, through the process of becoming famous and until staying on the top nowadays.

The birth of the football club

Back then, at the age of the Industrial Revolution,  Manchester was a rapidly developing city. There were a lot of workers coming from different parts of the country to work there. At the beginning of 1900, Manchester had more than one million citizens. This fact made it one of the largest cities in Europe. The growth of the place was a good reason for the development of sports, in particular, football.  As this sport was closely related to workers, a lot of football clubs emerged at that time.

In 1878 they founded the football club Newton Heath L&YR. The name of the team would later change to Manchester United. The first team players were workers from Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, which was the reason the first team’s name included the abbreviation L&YR.

The first steps of the team

It was in 1892 when Newton Heath L&YR played in the Football League for the first time. However, in 1894, the team moved to a lower position. Afterward, some local businessmen took control of the club. They changed its name to Manchester United in 1902.

In 1908 the team won their first English League Cup. This victory laid the foundation for many successful years to come. In 1909 the boys won their first FA Cup. The next year Manchester United changed their stadium and began playing at Old Trafford, which is their current stadium.

Manchester United became very prosperous after the Second World War when their manager became Matt Busby. He made some innovations of the club, which encouraged the boys to become even more successful than before. Manchester United managed to win the league two consecutive times – in 1956-1957 and 1957-1958.

The time of Alex Ferguson

After changing coaches several times, Alex Ferguson became a manager of the team in 1986. The first four years of Ferguson’s management appeared to be rather hard for the club. But in 1990 they won the FA Cup and after that had 21 prestigious trophies for a course of time of around 20 years.

Among the significant victories of the club are the following ones:

  • They won the first Double in 1994;
  • Then they were the first ones to gain a Treble – the FA Cup, the Premier League, and UEFA Champions League;
  • The team became world champions for three consecutive years from 1999 to 2001.

The post-Ferguson era of decline

Alex Ferguson left his position as a manager of the club in 2013, after which point several years of decline followed.

Jose Mourinho’s appointment as the manager of the team in 2016 brought some new hope to Manchester United.